Accelerating progress in scientific research, environmental conservation and patient care

Gordon Moore’s contribution to the development of microelectronics helped produce the exponential growth of the digital revolution that continues today. In the spirit of Moore’s passion for science and penchant for inventing, the foundation seeks to invest in people who create new tools and technologies with a high potential to accelerate progress in the foundation’s areas of interest: scientific research, environmental conservation and patient care. 

The Moore Inventor Fellowships will focus on investment at a critical stage of research to capture opportunities that otherwise might be missed. We seek to provide freedom and support to the most promising inventors with the most compelling ideas to pursue creative work.

The foundation anticipates investing $33.75 million to support 50 Moore Inventor Fellows over the next ten years. The inaugural cohort of 2016 Fellows was announced in November 2016. We will announce the 2017 Fellows this November. The 2017 competition was open to inventors at major research universities, additional institutions from among the top 50 National Institutes of Health-funded medical schools and universities, and selected non-academic environmental research institutions. The eligibility pool may be expanded in future years.

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